Space Policy

One aspect of the educational activities of the Chicago Society for Space Studies is to address issues of national and international space policy. To that end, CSSS has given multiple public presentations on various aspects of space policy. CSSS has also engaged with elected officials, primarily at the national level, to educate and advocate for those policies identified as being beneficial to the development of space as a new frontier of human activity.

Following is a list of articles from the CSSS blog dealing with space policy with a focus on associated CSSS activities.

Space Policy Blitz Results 2016

Space Policy Blitz 2016 with (from left to right) Jim Plaxco, Representative Randy Hultgren, Andrew Gasser, and Amador Salinas Sept. 02 2016 In July, Chicago Society for Space Studies issued a call for volunteers to participate in the Alliance for Space Development's...

Home District Space Policy Activism Blitz in Illinois

In 2014, Chicago Society for Space Studies (CSSS) members and officers took part in the Alliance for Space Development / National Space Society / Space Frontier Foundation Home District Blitz. It is now 2016 and once again elections are around the corner and once again CSSS is calling for volunteers to participate in the Home District Blitz.

A Space Policy Discussion with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Elected to be an Illinois delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention as a delegate supporting the Gary Johnson candidacy, I was presented with multiple opportunities to speak with former Governor Johnson over the course of the convention. Most of my discussions with him dealt with the commercial space aspects of national space policy.

Why We Do And Must Go Into Space

The short answer — more than three decades after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon — to why we go into Space is “we must.”

Those who say that manned space flight is “a bust,” or “unnecessary,” are depressingly shortsighted. They miss the whole point.