August Blitz For Citizens Space Policy Agenda 2017

As a previous participant in the Alliance for Space Development Home District Blitz, the Chicago Society for Space Studies is supporting the 2017 August Home District Blitz and is seeking volunteers from Illinois to join our efforts to promote space development.

The 2017 Home District Blitz uses a grassroots network of volunteers to meet with Senators, Representatives, and their staffers in their local district offices. The objective of the Blitz is to raise legislative awareness of the Citizens Space Agenda. The 2017 agenda focuses on the following policy initiatives.

  1. Establishing an Ultra Low Cost Access to Space (ULCATS) program using a public-private partnership model.
  2. Facilitating development of a cis-Lunar economy that is based on the commercial purchase of:
    • Crew and cargo transportation services
    • Fuel and consumables derived from Lunar and asteroid resources
    • Products that have been manufactured in space
  3. Funding of the NASA/JPL NEOCAM space-based Near Earth Object detection telescope

As a free, volunteer-based program that takes place in your local community rather than Washington DC, the 2017 August Home District Blitz is the perfect opportunity for supporters of space development to meet with elected officials and discuss the importance of space development and the space economy.

To participate in the 2017 August Home District Blitz, sign up using the form at

Show that you support space by participating in this once a year space policy project.