Chicago Society for Space Studies


Promoting Space Exploration For All of Us

Chicago Society for Space Studies is the largest space advocacy organization in Illinois and one of the oldest in the nation. 

Our Mission

Space Education

To serve as a space education resource for the general public. 

SPACE Policy

To provide input to elected officials on matters of U.S. space policy and to support policies viewed as having a posItive impact on space development.

speakers bureau

To serve as a regional center of excellence in delivering space-related educational programming to schools, museums, and other civic organizations. 

public events

To host and/or sponsor public events and speakers that provide valuable space-related educational programs to the community.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Those of us who have volunteered to organize, lead, conduct public outreach,  and develop educational presentations are working to shape our future in space.  It is our conviction that a dynamic program of space development is a key component of humanity’s ability to continue to improve our overall quality of life and standard of living.  We hope that you too share our passion and that you will join us in our efforts to shape the future. 

Happening Now

The Challenge of Commercial Space Stations

The Challenge of Commercial Space Stations

The March 2023 Chicago Society for Space Studies meeting will be the presentation The Challenge of Commercial Space Stations which looks at the business and market environment, as well as related factors, that will impact the sustainability of commercial space stations.

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What’s New and Recent Activities

A Profile of Space Shuttle Payload Specialist Byron Lichtenberg

A Profile of Space Shuttle Payload Specialist Byron Lichtenberg

Image: Payload Specialist Byron Lichtenberg working in the Spacelab on the Space Shuttle STS-009 mission in 1983 [This interview focused on Byron Lichtenberg's involvement with the National Space Society and originally appeared in the February-March 1995 (v07n01)...

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A new space race has begun, and most Americans are not even aware of it. This race is not about political prestige or military power. This new race involves the whole human species in a contest against time… To save the Earth we must look beyond it, to interplanetary space. To prevent the collapse of civilization and the end of the world as we know it, we must understand that our planet does not exist in isolation.

Ben Bova, The High Road, 1981