The Chicago Society for Space Studies (CSSS) wishes to welcome Larry Bartoszek as the newest member of the CSSS Speakers Bureau.
Larry Bartoszek, who spoke at a CSSS meeting last year and at the St. Louis Gateway to Space Conference last fall, for which CSSS was a co-sponsor, has a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from the University of Illinois and is an Illinois Licensed Professional Engineer.

Larry is owner of Bartoszek Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in mechanical and electromechanical design for the nuclear and high energy physics community world-wide. Larry’s specialized area of expertise with respect to space development is space elevators. Larry’s presentations include The Space Elevator—from Science Fiction to Engineering, Moving Into Space, and Black Holes and Stellar Evolution

For additional information, please visit Larry Bartoszek Speakers Bureau page.

Other members of the CSSS Speakers Bureau are CSSS Vice President Larry Boyle,
Kent Nebergall, Jim Kovac, and CSSS President Jim Plaxco