The annual CSSS Space Year in Review program features CSSS Vice President Larry Boyle giving his 2023 Space Year in Review presentation. Larry’s presentation has been an annual CSSS event for 40+ years. Traditionally, the program has been given in conjunction with the annual CSSS Christmas party with food, drink, and door prizes. This year’s Space Year in Review program will be held as an online virtual meeting (webinar) due to the rennovation work being done at Schaumburg Library which has resulted in meeting rooms not being available.

In the 2023 Space Year in Review presentation, Larry will provide an overview of the key space activities that occurred during 2023. The program will address commercial space activities, the activities of the various national space programs like NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), China, Russia, and others. A few of the space happenings of 2023 that will be covered include:

  • Global expenditures on space, which were approximately $546 billion.
  • How SpaceX is being used in the Ukraine and Gaza wars.
  • Highlights of Virgin Galactic’s first paying tourist flight.
  • The failure of Japan’s new H3 rocket launcher during its maiden flight.
  • China’s proclamation saying it will have a manned mission to the Moon by 2030.
  • The failure of Russia’s first unmanned Moon mission in 50 years.
  • SpaceX’s two Starship missions.

On the subjects of astronomy, planetary science, and robotic missions, the presentation will in part cover:

  • The return of asteroid samples by the NASA OSIRIS-Rex mission to the asteroid Bennu.
  • The possiblility of budget cuts to the Hubble Space Telescope program.
  • The 65th flight of the NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity.
  • The failure of the Chinese unmanned rover on Mars after a year of Martian operation.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the conclusion of the program.

How to Register and Attend the 2023 Space Year in Review Webinar

We will be using either Zoom or Google Meet for this year’s meeting. In order to attend the webinar, you will need to register with CSSS after which you will receive the webinar sign-in information.

Register for the webinar using the CSSS contact form. The contact form needs your browser to have Javascript enabled. Once you have the CSSS contact form page open in your browser, for the first question What is the nature of your question?,  select option 2: Request CSSS Webinar Details. Then fill out the rest of the form fields – all of which are required fields (name, email, and a text field in which you can simply enter the word webinar).

Note that the last question on the contact form is a captcha challenge (to keep bots out and to minimize spam submissions). You will need to type in the word that you see in the image in all uppercase letters with no blanks in order to successfully submit the form.

2023 Space Year in Review Webinar Details

The 2023 Space Year in Review Presentation
Date: Sunday, December 17, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Central Time
Location: Online Webinar
Register using the instructions given above.
Description: The 2023 Space Year in Review presentation given by CSSS Vice President Larry Boyle. The webinar starts at 1:00pm Central Time and will be followed by general discussion.
This program is free and open to the public.