Larry Bartoszek

Larry Bartoszek

Larry Bartoszek has a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from the University of Illinois and is an Illinois Licensed Professional Engineer. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Welding Society, ASM International, the Chicago Society for Space Studies, the National Space Society, and the International Space Elevator Consortium. He is an advisor to Exosphere’s Copernicus Boot Camp on an Endogenously – Powered Space Elevator taking place in Budapest in July, 2015.

Larry worked at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for 10 years. In his work at Fermilab he was responsible for the design of a 150 million dollar scintillating tile/fiber calorimeter weighing 4,000 tons and many other accelerator and detector projects.

Larry is now the owner of Bartoszek Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in mechanical and electromechanical design for the nuclear and high energy physics community world-wide. The company has handled design projects ranging in size from table-top devices to a 120 ton, three story tall Cartesian robot. You will find more information about Larry and his company on their web site at

Larry is the author of several papers on the climber design for space elevators and has spoken at space conferences such as the 3rd International Space Elevator Conference in Washington, D.C., in 2004, Space Exploration 2005 in Albuquerque, NM, the International Space Elevator Conference in Seattle, WA, in 2013, and the Gateway to Space Conference in St. Louis in 2013. He has also given colloquia at universities and other venues on the Space Elevator and several other topics. He has always been interested in space and nuclear energy and won the NASA award for his high school sophomore science fair project on the design of a nuclear fusion rocket engine. His work on the Space Elevator can be found at

Current presentation offerings are

  • The Space Elevator – From Science Fiction to Engineering
  • Moving Into Space – A talk about how the Space Elevator can facilitate Gerard K. O’Neil’s vision of building space settlements such as O’Neil cylinders and lunar mining
  • Artificial Intelligence – Are we building new tools or new people? – A discussion about the current state of Artificial Intelligence research and where it could go
  • The Periodic Table – A talk first written for 5th graders, but expanded in 2015 for the Life Long Learning Institute
  • Black Holes and Stellar Evolution

Mr. Bartoszek can be reached by phone at 630-844-0248 or at

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