Kent Nebergall

Kent Nebergall

Kent Nebergall is the son of a former test pilot and an artist. He has been an avid follower of space technology since Apollo-Soyuz, when he was seven years old. In 2004, Kent won the Kepler Prize for Mars Mission Design from the Mars Society, and was later part of Mars Desert Research Station Crew 32. He has done space technology presentations for Mensa, The Mars Society, the Heinlein Centennial, the Chicago Astronomical Society, and several science fiction conventions in the Midwest. Several of his Mars Society papers are included in “On To Mars, Volume 2” from Apogee Press. Kent is also a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador.

Mr. Nebergall currently provides the following presentations:

  • The Mars Desert Research Station
  • Building Martian Spacecraft – At Home in Your Spare Time
  • Mars Sample Return Missions
  • Polar Exploration History – Camp Century and the Antarctic Snow Cruiser

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