As Submitted by CSSS Secretary Mary Jeske

Present were Bob Jeske, Mary Jeske, Larry Boyle, Penny Boyle, Owen Bassett, John Vittallo, Jim Plaxco.

Web site: Jim Plaxco

Jim purchased a domain name from Lunarpages. The account he has for us will be Jim will maintain the web site. Things to be on the site: A link for our site to other space organizations, secretaries summary on the site, blog to be set up also, a list of upcoming CSSS events.

Lunar Display: Owen Bassett

Owen handed out a preliminary shopping list for the display. All members present voted a budget of $500 for the whole Lunar Display. The next Lunar display meeting will be to start on a crater. Owen will buy necessary supplies for meeting, TBA.

Annual Report: Bob Jeske

Bob will file the annual report for our chapter. Some things voted on were the chapter address. It was changed form the P. O. Box in N. Riverside to Bob’s home address. We talked about the officers and directors. They are as follows: Bob Jeske President, Larry Boyle Executive Vice President, Jim Plaxco Vice President Public Affairs, Penny Boyle Treasure, and Mary Jeske Secretary. The directors were Larry Boyle, Penny Boyle and Jim Plaxco. Owen Bassett and John Vittallo were nominated as directors by Jim Plaxco and seconded by Bob Jeske. All agreed.

Membership Forms: Owen Bassett

Bob has submitted form ideas to Owen. The basic layout of the form will be folded 8×11 sheet. Graphics on front, history of CSSS inside and the back page the membership form to fill out.

Other Business

Jim will be speaking at Capricon Convention February 11 and 12 and teaching a class at the Adler on February 24. We touched on the Speakers Bureau. Jim needs bios on all our speakers and past presentations.

The bylaws of the chapter were discussed and some changes made. They will be discussed further at the next board meeting.