St. Louis Gateway to Space Conference

The Chicago Society for Space Studies (CSSS) is proud to be an official sponsor of the Gateway to Space space development conference. Hosted by St. Louis Space Frontier, the conference will be held November 7-9, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza in St. Louis. CSSS members who will be speaking at the conference include CSSS President Jim Plaxco and long time CSSS member Lynne Zielinski.

Gateway to Space is a conference for and about space exploration and development for both space professionals and space enthusiasts. Wherever we go in space next, we will get there through technologies like 3D printing, which will be the subject of a presentation by keynote speaker Michael Snyder, who heads research and development for the company at the forefront of 3D printing in space, Made in Space.

Some of the topics covered will be human missions to Mars, lunar settlement, asteroid mining, space economics, newSpace, and the newly established Enterprise in Space project.

Gateway to Space is appropriate for research scientists, aerospace engineers, undergraduate and graduate
students, space advocates, science fiction enthusiasts, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about space development.

In addition to the conference programming and a Cosmic Celebration with a space-themed fashion show and art show, conference attendees will be able to:

  • attend a screening of Lunarcy!, with a Q&A with some of its stars
  • attend a Behind-the-scenes tour of Boeing’s Prologue Room (usually closed to the public) during a St. Louis Space Retrospective, with a panel featuring many past employees on America’s first space programs and Lowell Grissom, brother of astronaut Gus Grissom
  • visit the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum with all its McDonnell Douglas memorabilia
  • attend a tour of the Mars Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis

Among the dozens of speakers and panelists are:

  • Professors who are launching CubeSat satellites into space with their students
  • Professionals who are leading the science teams for NASA’s Mars rovers
  • Past and present Boeing engineers
  • newSpace startup entrepreneurs

As of Sept 6, confirmed speakers are:

  • Dale Amon, XCOR Aerospace
  • Ray Arvidson, Director Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory, Washington University
  • Norm Beckel, McDonnell-Douglas engineer on NASA Project Mercury
  • Christopher Carson
  • Hyung Choi
  • Ryan Clegg
  • Dave Dunlop, National Space Society
  • Marshall Eubanks
  • Diane Furtney
  • Al Globus, National Space Society
  • Lowell Grissom, Apollo I Memorial Foundation
  • Rich Heurmann
  • Brad Jolliff, Washington University
  • Peter Kokh, Editor, Moon Miners Manifesto
  • Stacey Larson
  • Michael Mackowski, Phoenix Chapter of The National Space Society
  • John Mulholland
  • Earl Mullins, The Space Museum
  • Bruce Pittman, National Space Society
  • Jim Plaxco, Chicago Society for Space Studies
  • W. Dean Purdy
  • Joe Rauscher, Space Development Foundation
  • Earl Robb
  • Jerry Roberts
  • James Roe
  • Peter Schubert, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy
  • Michael Shead
  • Dale Skran, Deputy Chair, National Space Society Policy Committee
  • Michael Snyder, Made In Space
  • Tory Starbuck
  • Michael Swartwout
  • Nelson Weber
  • Lynne Zielinski, Enterprise in Space

As of September 6, conference sponsors and supporters are:

  • AIAA
  • Arch Reactor
  • Artsnova Digital Arts Gallery
  • Astro95 Media
  • Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri
  • Chicago Society for Space Studies
  • Geekway to the West
  • Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum
  • Jim Plaxco
  • Michael Shead
  • St. Louis Board-Game Meetup Group
  • Stacey Larson
  • Stephen Block
  • The Moon Society
  • The Space Museum
  • Webster Groves National Honors Society
  • Webster Groves Statesbots
  • York-Hyler Creative Resources

To register for the Gateway to Space conference, go to (CLOSED)Gateway To Space conference registration and follow the instructions. Registration is just $100 for the full conference. The registration rate will increase to $135 on October 7th. There is an additional $10 fee for the St. Louis Space Retrospective held at the at the Boeing Prologue Room. Information on reserving rooms at the conference hotel – Crowne Plaza St. Louis – Downtown – is accessible from the registration page.

(CLOSED)Register for the Gateway to Space conference.(CLOSED)

For conference-related questions, contact stlspacefrontier at

Download the PDF of the Gateway to Space Conference Flyer