Chicago Society for Space Studies President Jim Plaxco (left) on stage with the NSS Chapter of the Year Award, joined by CSSS Speakers Bureau member Kent Nebergall (right).

At the 2023 International Space Development Conference, Chicago Society for Space Studies (CSSS) was presented with the NSS Chapter of the Year Award during a Thursday night banquet award ceremony. The award was presented by David Stuart, chair of the NSS Chapters Committee, to Jim Plaxco, President of CSSS.

Speaking from the podium, Mr. Stuart stated that judging had been a very tight competition between Chicago Society for Space Studies and the National Space Society of North Texas chapter, which serves the Dallas and Ft. Worth area.

Mr. Stuart identified a number of the activities CSSS engaged in during 2022, many of which were STEM educational outreach events of the CSSS Speakers Bureau. Mr. Stuart closed by pointing out that the deciding factor in favor of presenting the award to CSSS was the CSSS participation in, and sponsorship of, the 2022 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Spacevision Conference which was held at the University of Chicago in 2022.

According to CSSS President Jim Plaxco “CSSS was quite fortunate that during 2022 we had a number of unique opportunities that we took advantage of and were able to capitalize on. For example, we were involved with the Alliance for Space Development’s March Storm congressional meetings and leveraged that to have meetings with two local congressional candidates. Chicon, the World Science Fiction Convention, was held in Chicago this year and we were also able to participate in that convention. Most important was our strong support for the SEDS Spacevision conference. We really wanted to show our support for the students and the work they are doing in the various fields of science and engineering.”

The NSS of North Texas chapter went on to receive the NSS Chapter Excellence Award, which CSSS was the recipient of last year and which you can read about at National Space Society 2022 Chapter Excellence Award.

For a summary of CSSS’ 2022 activities, see the article 2022 Year in Review.