CSSS President Jim Plaxco will be a speaker at the next National Space Society Space Forum. His topic will be How To Design A Martian Civilization Of One Million People: Experiences From The Mars City-State Design Competition which addresses his experiences as a member of a team that entered the Mars Society’s Mars City State Design Contest.

Preceding Jim will be Jim Crisafulli, Director of the Hawaii Space Industry Innovation Program, whose presentation will be The Global Alliance For International Collaboration In Space.
The Global Alliance for International Collaboration In Space (GALIX) is a multinational coalition to advance and diversify space innovation and collaboration for all humankind.

This webinar event will be Thursday, 02/25/2021 and will begin at 9:00pm EST.

Registration is required in order to attend this Zoom webinar. Registration, which is managed by the National Space Society, closes Thursday 02/25/2021, 8:00pm Eastern.