NewSpace Resources and Links

The Chicago Society for Space Studies is a supporter of the newspace paradigm. If you are unfamiliar with the newspace concept, it is the name given to that area of space endeavors that
emphasizes private over government space development and exploration. Quoting from the book NewSpace Nation: America’s Emerging Entrepreneurial Space Industry by Jeff Krukin, newspace

primarily means entrepreneurs and their small- or medium-size firms having these characteristics:

  • Space-related products and services are sold with a fixed-price (versus the traditional space industry’s cost-plus government procurement model)
  • Customers include individual consumers, corporations, and government agencies
  • The company is funded primarily by the owner(s), angel investors, and/or venture capital
  • A significant portion of the company’s revenue is earned from non-government entities
  • When doing business with NASA it is more likely to be within the format of a Space Act Agreement rather than the more odious, costly, bureaucratic, and oversight-heavy Federal Acquisition Regulations process

The following list should not be considered to be a complete list of relevant companies and organizations. Resources are organized into the following categories:

NewSpace Companies

Armadillo Aerospace
Rocket company founded in 2000 by John Carmack. A winner of the Lunar Lander Challenge. Devloping the Stig rocket.

Bigelow Aerospace
Maker of inflatable space habitats. Genesis 1 test habitat launched to orbit in 2006.

Blue Origin
Blue Origin was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Developing the New Shepard VTVL suborbital passenger carrying vehicle.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights
Service company for launching loved ones remains into outer space or to the Moon

Deep Space Industries
Deep Space Industries plans to mine asteroids. Initial missions will be conducted by a small fleet of lightweight vehicles dubbed Fireflies which will return samples to Earth.

Golden Spike
Has the goal of establishing commercial human flights to the Moon. CEO Alan Stern’s goal is for a first flight by 2020.

Inspiration Mars Foundation
A non-profit launching a human flyby mission to Mars with a target launch date of 2018.

Mars One
This company proposes to send a crew of 4 on a one way trip to Mars

Masten Space Systems
Reusable launch vehicle company, competed in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

Moon Express
Plans to send robotic spacecraft to the Moon for ongoing exploration and commercial development.

Orbital Sciences
Founded in 1982, Orbital has a stable of launch vehicles and has conducted 63 space launch missions since 1990

Planetary Resources
Asteroid mining company

Reaction Engines
Suborbital spacecraft builder of the Skylon Spaceplane which uses SABRE engine technology

Scaled Composites
Builder of WhiteKnightOne and SpaceShipOne and winner of the X Prize

Shackleton Energy Company
Establishing a propellant depot architecture utilizing lunar polar ice as source for LOX/LH2 propellant.

Sierra Nevada
Maker of the Dream Chaser vertical takeoff, horizontal landing spaceplane

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. SPACEX
Builder of the Falcon series of launch vehicles and the Dragon module. Founded by Elon Musk.

Stratolaunch Systems
A Paul Allen project that builds on Scaled Composities SpaceShipOne, which Allen funded. First test flight is targeted for 2016.

The Spaceship Company
Builder of WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo, the company is now owned by Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic
Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company providing suborbital flights using WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo

XCOR Aerospace
Makers of the Lynx spaceplane

Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G)
Providers of zero-g airplane flights (a commercial vomit comet)

Commercial Spaceports

Florida: Cape Canaveral Spaceport

Florida: Cecil Field Spaceport

Mojave Air and Space Port
The first FAA licensed space port from which SpaceShipOne won the XPrize

Oklahoma: Oklahoma Spaceport

Spaceport America, New Mexico
Primary spaceport for Virgin Galactic space tourism flights

Spaceport Colorado

Virginia: Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport

Astronaut Training

Aviation, space tourist, and astronaut training facility

Space Tourism Agencies

Incrediable Adventures
Broad range of hi-end adventures including space related packages.

Orbital Outfitters
Maker of affordable space suits for space tourists and pilots.

Space Adventures
Space tourism service company, including flights to the Moon. Company chairman is Eric Anderson.

Virgin Galactic
Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company providing suborbital flights using WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo

NewSpace Releated Conferences

International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS)

International Space Development Conference
Annual Conference of the National Space Society.

Next-Gen Suborbital Researchers Conference
Sponsored by the Southwest Research Institute

Responsive Space Conference
Site provides access to past conference presentations and papers.

Space Foundation’s National Space Symposium

Space Frontier Foundation NEWSPACE Conference

Space Tech Expo

Space Organizations

Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF)

Google Lunar X Prize

Google Lunar X Prize Facebook Page

International Association of Space Entrepreneurs (IASE)

NASA Flight Opportunities Program
This program solicits and competitively selects research technology payloads for flight on a variety of launch providers.

National Space Society
The Chicago Society for Space Studies is a chapter of the National Space SOciety.

Overview Institute

Rocket Racing League

Space Access Society

Space Angeles Network

Space Tourism Society

Relevant Books

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  • Dubbs, Chris, and Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom. Realizing Tommorow – The Path to Private Spaceflight. University of Nebraska Press, 2011
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