Dale Dellutri

Dale Dellutri portrait

Dale Dellutri has had a life-long fascination with science and technology. He’s worked with computer hardware and software since the late 1960’s, and has managed technical employees and projects in various fields including programming, data center construction, legal, tax, and futures and equity trading. He has written programs in many computer languages. He is now retired.

Mr. Dellutri has an MBA and a MS in Information Science from the University of Chicago, and a BS in Engineering Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is an amateur astronomer, specializing in computational astronomy, and manages the Skokie Valley Astronomers website.
As an amateur astronomer, he has given a number of astronomy-themed presentations over the years to local astronomy clubs. A few of his past presentations are:

  • Oumuamua: Natural Object or Alien Probe?
  • Are We Prepared For the Next Carrington Event?
  • Curious Exoplanet Scientists Want To Know: Is There Life On Earth?
  • Einstein Destroys Vulcan!
  • The Pioneer Anomaly
  • Relativity and the 1919 Solar Eclipse

For more information about Mr. Dellutri, visit his personal web site at www.DaleDellutri.com

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