Chicago Society for Space Studies events, activities, and meetings are reported on in our blog in the
Meetings and Events category with the most recent postings shown below. In addition, our meetings are announced in our Spacewatch newsletter.

CSSS 2018 Meetings

Following is a list of the meetings of the Chicago Society for Space Studies for 2018. CSSS members are notified by email of CSSS meetings and sponsored events. CSSS membership is free so there is no reason not to join. For details, see our membership page.

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CSSS 2017 Meetings

During 2017, Chicago Society for Space Studies sponsored the following free public meetings to promote space exploration and to inform the public about various space projects.

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CSSS 2016 Space Meetings

The Chicago Society for Space Studies hosted the following meetings during 2016. The meetings were all free and open to the public as a part of our organization’s efforts to educate the general public about the value of space exploration.

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